Related Organizations

American Medical Association
See what your national medical association is doing for physicians and their patients.

County Medical Societies
Find links to Texas county medical society Web sites as well as CMS officers in a Word document and PDF.

Specialty Societies
The various state specialty societies in the House of Medicine represent the interests of their members, provide education and advocacy for physicians and allied health professionals, and promote high quality, cost-effective care for all patients.

The Texas Medical Association Political Action Committee (TEXPAC) is the political arm of TMA. It's the largest bipartisan political action committee in the state and ranks first in size among other state medical association PACs. If you haven't joined TEXPAC its not too late to get involved.

TMA Alliance 
The TMA Alliance is working with the physician members of TMA to educate Texans on the fact that immunizations are an important, safe, and effective tool in the effort to curb disease through the Be Wise —ImmunizeSM program. Be Wise is funded by a grant from the TMA Foundation. Alliance members also are playing an important role in local and state elections and in this year's session of the Texas Legislature through grassroots efforts to educate lawmakers on the need to pass legislation that helps physicians maintain their patients' health.

TMA Foundation
The TMA Foundation was created with a mission "to fund initiatives with the power to help physicians create a healthier future for all Texans." These initiatives focus on TMA's public health and science priorities: health promotion and disease prevention; targeted public health issues; science-based clinical decision making; public health advocacy and resources; scientific information; and border health. They are based on physician expertise and medical science, and encourage effective public-private partnerships.

 Williamson County and Cities Health District
Local Public Health Department with legal responsibility to assure the public's health.  Involved with infectious disease outbreak response, safety net services for uninsured, WIC (Women, Infants, Children), eligible screening, retail food inspections, administering vaccines to uninsured or underinsured children and adults as well as serving as County Health Authority in times of outbreaks or quarantine necessity.